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I'm a Brazilian Eyebrow Artist, expert in hyperrealism. I have worked with cosmetic tattoo for over 4 years now, and I am passionate about natural-looking results that enhance a women's natural beauty.


I recently moved to America invited by Brazilian Wax by Andreia to perform my art in this amazing country.

My Story

    I am a chemical engineer that fell in love with eyebrows in 2018. Ever since, I have been studying every single aspect of the permanent make up/cosmetic tattoo world. I am passionate about realism and natural results, so I focus my work on enhancing my client's natural beauty. I am completely in love with the hair stroke technique that I have developed my own, which allowed me to win many championships in South America. 

     Due to that I am now working in America and super excited for this next chapter in my life. If you're looking for extremely natural procedures, I am your girl.

Maya Louredo microblading award winning artist
Mayara with her microblading throphies
Maya Louredo microblading receiving throphy
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