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Unlock the secrets to perfect eyebrow design with our comprehensive masterclass that covers the art of mapping, eyebrow waxing, threading, and tinting. This hands-on course will empower you with the expertise to create flawless brows.

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Eyebrow mapping 

Learn the foundational principles of facial anatomy and symmetry to create a personalized brow mapping technique. Discover how to analyze face shapes, brow bone structure, and natural arches to tailor your designs to each individual. With this skill, you'll craft brows that enhance facial features and highlight your clients' unique beauty.


Eyebrow waxing

Learn eyebrow waxing. From selecting the right wax consistency to mastering the perfect angle and pressure, you'll gain the confidence to offer a quick and efficient waxing experience. Safety protocols and aftercare tips will also be covered, ensuring your clients leave with beautifully shaped brows and minimal discomfort.


Eyebrow threading

Learn the threading technique for different brow shapes, understand how to handle various skin types, and refine your hand movements to create clean lines and symmetrical results.


eyebrow TINTING

Master brow tinting as you learn the art of selecting the right tint shade for various hair colors and skin tones. Learn how to mix, apply, and remove tint effectively to enhance the overall brow design, adding depth and dimension that elevate your clients' eyebrows look.



master the art of brow lamination. Brow lamination involves reshaping and setting brow hairs using specialized solutions. Learn the correct procedures and care to enhance your clients' eyebrows, giving them a fuller look. Gain essential skills in product application and safety measures, ensuring confident and successful outcomes


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