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MICROBLADING COURSE / 3 days 10:00-17:00

  • Starts May 23
  • 1,700 US dollars
  • West Oak Parkway

Available spots

What you will learn

Theory: Introduction to Microblading and Nanoblading: Overview of techniques, tools, and applications. 1. Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin and Eyebrows: Understanding skin types, eyebrow shapes, and natural hair growth patterns. 2. Color Theory and Pigment Selection: Matching pigments to skin tone and hair color for natural-looking results. 3. Sanitation and Sterilization: Importance of maintaining a clean and sterile working environment to prevent infections. 4. Client Consultation and Consent: Communication skills, assessing client needs, and obtaining informed consent. Practical Training: 1. Tool Familiarization: Hands-on practice with microblading and nanoblading tools, including blades, pens, and pigments. 2. Skin Preparation and Numbing: Techniques for preparing the skin and applying topical anesthetics to minimize discomfort. 3. Mapping and Designing Eyebrows: Guidelines for measuring and shaping eyebrows according to facial features and client preferences. 4. Microblading and Nanoblading Techniques: Step-by-step instruction on creating realistic hair strokes and achieving desired eyebrow shapes. 5. Aftercare Instructions: Educating clients on proper post-treatment care to ensure optimal healing and pigment retention. Model Practice: 1. Live Demonstrations: Instructor-led demonstrations of microblading and nanoblading techniques on models. 2. Hands-on Practice: Supervised practice sessions for students to work on models under instructor guidance. 3. Feedback and Corrections: Constructive feedback from instructors to improve technique and accuracy. 4. Portfolio Building: Documenting before-and-after photos of model treatments for portfolio development. Post-training Support: 1. Doubt Clarification Sessions: Students will be able to schedule a follow -up session within 90 days of course to clarify doubts they still may have with Maya. 2. Ongoing Mentorship: Students will be able to contact Maya to clarify doubts.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Due to limited seating and availability for trainings and workshops, we request that you cancel at least 7 days before a scheduled training or workshop. This gives us the opportunity to fill the training vacant spot. You may cancel by phone, message or through our Instagram. If you have to cancel your training or workshop, and the cancelation is done 7 days or more prior to the training or workshop, the deposit you have paid for your training or workshop will be returned to your account in full. However, if you cancel 6 days or less prior to the training or workshop, you will lose the deposit for the training or workshop made.

Contact Details

  • 1880 West Oak Parkway, Marietta, GA, USA

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